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  • Unconventional Gas resources are Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Shale Gas, Hydrates and Tight Gas.
  • Shale Gas means natural gas generated in-situ and retained in Shale matrix storage, adsorbed onto organic particles, or within fractures in shales of source rock origin and obtained there form through boreholes.
  • Shale Oil means crude oil that is generated in-situ and retained in shale matrix storage in shales of sources rock origin and obtained there from through boreholes.
  • Exploration technologies, such as multistage hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” combines with horizontal drilling, Production of shale gas has become easier and economic
  • There are three main types of proppants: frac sand, resin coated proppants , and ceramic proppants. Each proppant type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and reservoir engineers decide on the type to be used depending on geology, availability, prices, and Government regulations
  • Frac Sand is indispensable to Shale Gas Well completion
  • Different Shale gas basins require different sand sizes
  • Plants representing significant capital investments receive the unprocessed sands and clean and otherwise refine these into finished product ready for shipment
  • Mining, processing & Shipping cost are major Investments
  • Proppants are exported from manufacturing centers such as China, Russia, Brazil, and India to the demand center of North America.
  • The global market for proppants is estimated about 25 million tons in 2012, and is expected to grow up to 50 million tons by 2017
Background Information
  • About Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Sand
  • Silica Sand uses
  • Gs Shale Fracturing

Project Information

  • Project details
  • Project in Progress
  • Project Factsheet
  • Plant & Machinery suppliers
  • Sand Mining
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Frac Sand Mining Operation
  • Economic Impact
  • Project requirement -parts

Company & Products

  • Company annual report
  • Frac Sand suppliers
  • Company - USA
  • Company in the News
  • Company annual report

Market Information
  • Shale Developments
  • Scenario - India
  • Exploration and exploitation of Shale Oil and Gas in India.
  • Supply & demand for hydraulic fracturing sand
  • Industrial Sand & Gravel
  • Anti-Fracking Movements
  • Deposits in Jammu
  • Fracking Chemicals
  • Tender - sample
  • Consultant - Proppant Market
  • Consultant - market Report
  • Malaysian Sand
  • Beach Sand
Technology Information
  • Technology brief
  • Frac Sand Production & equipments supplier
  • Frac Sand sizes
  • Properties

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