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  • De Oiled Cake is used as an organic supplement at the agricultural farms and has tremendous reuse value.
  • This left over extract form Soyabean seeds is an excellent source of protein and micro nutrient
  • Soya de-oiled cake is rich in protein and nutritious.
  • It is prepared form natural soybeans.
  • Soya meal is also used by pharma industries for medicinal purposes.
  • It is also used as a raw material for manu other food products like soya flour, soya milk, soya badi
  • De-oiled cake is a by-product in the manufacturing of mustard oil by goyal vegoils ltd.
  • Which is being used for cattle feed part of our solvent extraction business, we extract crude oil from rice bran.
  • The cottonseed de oiled cake, which is processed in compliance with the food quality standards.
  • We offer coconut de oiled cake with a residual oil content of 0.5 to 1.5 %.
  • The oil is extracted from the rough-ground product by chemical solvent to leave a residue, de oiled cake.
  • These cakes are residual product, which is obtained after the oil is extracted from the cotton seed
  • This crude oil is used as a raw material in our refinery plant to produce refined rice bran oil.
  • De-oiled cake as a natural fertilizer is exported in two forms (i) pallet form & (ii) in powder form.
  • Yearly around 65,000 mt of de-oiled cake is exported from India.
  • Hindustan lever ltd and are the major exporters of de-oiled cake in India
  • The oil and de-oiled cake are separated in solvent Plant in order to get oil.
  • Even in this process, the same process carried out as before to get oil remaining in de-oiled cake as well D.O.C (oil extracted De-Oiled Cake)
  • The residue left after the solvent extraction and mustard oil extraction is called “De-oiled Cake”
  • Which is a vital ingredient in manufacture of animal feed.
  • Castor cake
  • Increase in freight rate will make the castor de-oiled cake Production


  • Biocomp m
  • Brickwork independent
  • Description of goods


  • Cottonseed de oiled cake
  • Coconut oil products
  • Deoiled cake of soya
  • Non-gmo de-oiled cake
  • Soya de oiled cake
  • Soyabean meal or soya deoiled cake for poultry purpose
  • Sunfresh is single-refined sunflower oil


  • Cashew nut processing
  • Process of cottonseed oil
  • Initial review of gp demonstration unit (rpl)
  • Lakshmi energy and foods
  • Model project on edible oil processing
  • R&d opportunities in
    biofuel sector processing


  • Enzyme product and method of improving the properties
  • Process for the production of organic formulation of bio-pesticide pseudomonas fluorescens
  • Process for producing a bio-pesticide composition containing trichoderma harzianum


  • Detail study on the properties of Pongamia pinnata for the production of biofuel
  • Liquid fuel from biomass
  • Soybean development
    in india
  • Treatment of biowaste  new strategy for green environment and horticulture crop
  • Rural bio-energy production as a bundled


  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India 1
  • Consultancy from India 2
  • Consultancy from India 3
  • Consultancy from India 4
  • Consultancy from Rajasthan

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  • Crisil ier independentequity
  • De-oiled cotton seed cake
  • Indian dairy industry profile
  • Lower exports and high cost soybean inventory
  • Co-operative oilseed grower's federation
  • Powering development for
    the poor in india
  • Sanjay soya pvt limtd
  • Sanwaria agro oils limited
  • Sarvottam industries ltd
  • Solvent oil extraction and de-oiled cakes
  • Ncdex soya bean


  • Development of multi cargo port with supporting utilities
  • Agriculture/food processing
  • Value added byproducts from oilseed cakes
  • Food versus biofuel
  • Rama phosphates-oil division
  • Rapid environmental impact assessment
  • Indigenously developed single stage extraction technology


  • Biogas production from co-digestion of orange peel waste
  • Diminution of economic yield as affected by pruning and chemical manipulation
  • Thermal pyrolysis of groundnut de-oiled cake
  • Nutritional and socio-economic implications of feeding cereal straws supplemented
  • Bio-fuel is obtained from sesame de-oiled cake by thermal pyrolysis
  • Co-composting of deoiled cake with rice straw and different animal dung


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