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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Silica sands are essential raw materials
    for glassmaking and a wide range of other
    industrial and horticultural applications.
  • An important market for silica sand was in foundry casting
  • Silica sands are valued for a combination
    of chemical and physical properties. These include a high silica content in the form of quartz and, more importantly, low levels of deleterious impurities, particularly clay, iron oxides and refractory minerals, such as chromite
  • The principal glass products using silica
    sand include colourless and coloured
    containers , flat glass, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, TV and computer screens, and glass fibre, both for insulation and reinforcement
  • Other uses of silica sands include enhancing
    the production of oilfield reservoirs, in the production of silica flour for use as fillers in plastics, paints and rubber sealants, and as fluidised bed boiler sands
  • Silica Sand processing involves Washing, attrition Scrubing, Desliming, Cyclones, Hydrolizers, Sizing, Screens, Separation, spiral processing, Magnetic separation etc depending on end uses
  • Sand mining  is a land degradation process, which disturbs soil profile, spoils surface
    configuration and considerably alters topography of the land. Rehabilitation of sand mines starts with spreading, mixing and leveling of topsoil with sand bed

Background Information

  • About silica sand

  • Beach Sand Mining

  • Illegal sand mining

  • Mineral Resources of India

  • Sand Deposits

  • Sand Mining in Haryana

Companies & Products

  • Company in UAE

  • Glass Sand - India

  • Manufacturer & exporter

  • Color Sand producer

  • Glass Manufacturer

  • Mining & processing Company

  • Silica Sand - Australia

  • Glass company performance

  • List of Companies

Project Information
  • Processing of Silica Sand
  • Silica Sand processing in Australia
  • Silica Sand processing, specifications & end uses
  • Sand Plant Design
  • Turnkey Project Company
  • Floatex Density Separator in combination with spiral
  • Raw Sand supply
  • Zircon sand supplier
Technology/ Patent Information
  • New Mineral Sands Plant
  • Green Sand System
  • Clay Processing
  • Process Development
  • Process for purification of silica sand
  • Silicate treatment of impure silica sand
  • Colouring silica sand
  • Process for purification of silica sand - patent
  • Process for purifying silica sand

Industry &Applications

  • Many applications
  • USA Industry profile
  • Tamil Nadu Industry profile
  • Silica sand end users

Equipment Suppliers

  • Sand processing Machinery
  • Sand making production Line
  • Sand Mills
  • Mineral Separator for Sand
  • Indian Machinery designer
  • Indian Machinery supplier
  • Chinese Machinery
  • Dryers
  • Electrostatic Separator
  • Density Separator
  • Spiral Concentrators
  • Trommel Screens
  • Discharge & Conveying Equipment

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