Coal Hydrogenation
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  • The coal hydrogenation process for making fuels has been investigated that its application on industrial process almost since 40 years ago.
  • Coal hydrogenation have been suggested that they are easily decomposed in the feedstock which consist sufficient sulfur, are not the true catalysts.
  • The coal hydrogenation process is well known as a means for the production of liquid fuels from coal.
  • The conversion of coal into liquid fuels such as gasoline requires two steps: liquid phase and vapor phase hydrogenation. Intermediate oils obtained in the liquid phase contain oxygen and nitrogen compounds, especially aromatic compounds, since the coal itself is composed mainly of cyclic compounds. These oils are the raw material for the separation of high molecular weight aromatics and of tar acids and tar bases
  • The product of coal hydrogenation consists appreciable quantities of aliphatic, single ring & polycyclic , heterocyclic compounds, and the hydro aromatics.
  • The several hydrogenated with or without adding water under non catalytic conditions in coal hydrogenation, addition of water increased the CO2 formation and the phenolic compounds in the obtained the oils.
  • The reaction involves injection of pulverized coal entrained in a minimum amount of gas and mixing the entrained coal at ambient temperature with a separate source of heated hydrogen results in formation of hydrocarbon gases and liquids suitable for conversion to fuels.
  • In proposed modified Bergius processes involves the three phase coal hydrogenation achieved two steps and the first step is liquid three-phase coal liquefaction and the second step is the gas phase hydro cracking.
  • The Bergius Process is a method of production of liquid hydrocarbons for use as synthetic fuel by hydrogenation of high-volatile bituminous coal at high temperature and pressure.
  • The process of direct coal
    hydrogenation is highly suited to covering the demand and maintaining some independence from external supply.
  • The last plant for coal hydrogenation operated on a pilot plant scale and its production of around 200 Kg per day & the operation started since 70s.
  • It had found that promoting effect of water on coal hydrogenation is significant at lower temperature.
  •  It has been estimated that a plant to produce 31,090 bbl per day of chemicals and fuels would cost $326,000,000. These products would consist of 6.1 pct by weight tar acids, 50.8 pct aroma tics, 16.4 pct LPG, and 26.7 pct gasoline
  • Active sites for coal hydrogenation
  • Coal hydrogenation plant
  • Hydrogenation of coal to liquids on fixed beds
  • Chemical from coal hydrogenation products
  • Promoting effect of water on coal hydrogenation
  • Hydrogenation coal liquid

Manufacturing process

  • Asphalt from hydrogenation of coal
  • Coal hydrogenation
  • Process for the hydrogenation of the goal
  • Coal hydrogenation process
  • Coal hydrogenation could cut foreign pipeline
  • Hydrogenation of coal
  • Process for hydrogenation of a coal in a small tube


  • Process and apparatus for coal hydrogenation
  • Catalytic two stage coal hydrogenation
  • Coal hydrogenation
  • Method for hydrogenation of coal tar pitch
  • Coal hydrogenation process with integrated refining stage
  • Slurried solids handling for coal hydrogenation


  • Three-phase coal and oil residue hydrogenation
  • Influence & transformation of coal mineral matter
  • Structure of coal & coal hydrogenation process
  • Differential scanning calorimetry studies.
  • Result and discussion of coal hydrogenation


  • Moderate temperature coal hydrogenation
  • Microbial hydrogenation of coal & effect on liquefaction
  • Coal Hydrogenation in Small Tube Reactors
  • Early days of Coal research

Company profiles

  • Company1 from China
  • Company2 from China
  • Company from Australia


  • Consultancy from US
  • Consultancy from US1
  • Consultancy from USA

Raw material suppliers

  • Raw material of coal


  • Methanation for coal hydrogenation
  • Coal conversion technology


  • Coal hydrogenation
  • Method for hydrogenation of coal
  • Coal hydrogenation catalyst recycle
  • Coal tar oil hydrogenation
  • Coal rotary dryer from shanghair
  • Coal briquetting machine
  • H2 and co generation plant from coal
  • Cassava drying machine
  • Two state coal gasifier


  • Coal hydrogenation final report
  • Diesel oil production in bituminous
  • Mechano chemical hydrogenation of coal
  • Mechanisms and kinetics of coal hydrogenation
  • Special Equipment in the Coal-Hydrogenation
  • China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process

Uses & Hazards

  • Role of Water in Hydrogenation of Coal
  • Hydrogenation of German bituminous coal
  • Hazards of coal hydrogenation
  • Five Radio labeled Coal Conversion.
  • Reductive alkylation of Coal.



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